Hello and welcome to my site. This is an attempt to bring some of my many Fotopic pictures back into the public domain and I will then integrate them amongst my latest photographs. Eventually, I hope to include a variety of galleries on all sorts of subjects, not just transport. Many of my photos have been taken in the North West of England, but I will gradually spread the site outwards from there.

The modern bus photo’s I add will be of fleets that I have a good number of shots from and, generally, they will be only vehicles that are currently owned [in service, reserve or withdrawn]. They may not necessarily be recent photo’s – they may even be with another operator if purchased second-hand.

The Stagecoach folder is divided into galleries based on fleet numbers and types. However, there are also galleries for my local areas of Cumbria & North Lancs, Manchester and Merseyside and South Lancs + Highlands. Again, there is only one photo of each vehicle and this may well have been taken when it was with another part of Stagecoach.

I am now starting to add some of my older photos that were in the Shooting the Past and Recollections series I had on Fotopic. Many of these are also to be found on Flickr, but I can sort and display them better on here.

Total number of photos on site as at 1 November 2022 is 125,638

Thanks for taking the time to look at the site. If you wish to get in touch, please email me at maljoe32@btinternet.com




27th March 2022

Rotala North West has been updated in an attempt to prepare the list for a visit to Bolton in the near future. Hopefully a few more new photos can be added then.

Stagecoach Highland photo fleelist brought up to date with the 5th March 2022 official allocation card.


16th March 2022

At long last I can make a start on updating the 4 Stagecoach photo fleet lists.

Stagecoach Cumbria & North Lancs photo fleetest brought up to date with the 5th March 2022 official allocation card.

Stagecoach Merseyside & South Lancs photo fleetest brought up to date with the 5th March 2022 official allocation card


20th February 2022

The 2021 folder is now complete to the end of December and contains 95 galleries


7th May 2021

Stagecoach Manchester photo fleetlist brought up to date with the 1st May 2021 official allocation card


5th May 2021

Al few new photos added to the Blackpool Transport photo fleetlist


STAY SAFE and thanks for looking in!

Most Popular Photos

  • First West Yorkshire 69565 130630 Heysham

  • Various Line up 131110 Heysham

  • First Essex 63169 140928 Heysham

  • Arriva Demonstrator CRZ7495 111221 Heysham

  • MacEwan GFM882 141130 M6 [Scorton]

  • 34712 [Stagecoach Cumbria & North Lancs] 140928 Windermere

  • Metroline VWH2006 140525 Heysham

  • London United LT162. LT163 140216 Heysham

  • Wessex Connect [ur] 140126 Heysham

  • London United LT150 140119 Heysham [nearside]

  • Leasks T50JLS 131215 Blackburn

  • Volvo demonstrator BF63HDE 131208 Heysham

  • 18156 [Stagecoach Merseyside & South Lancs] 131013 Penwortham

  • 22362 [Stagecoach Manchester] 130320 Bolton

  • 36781 [Stagecoach Manchester] 130204 Manchester.

  • Heysham Line Up 130317

  • Wessex Connect 40605 120916 Heysham

  • Delaine AD62DBL 120819 Heysham

  • Metroline VW1180 110522 Heysham

  • Stagecoach Wales 47642 [CN58BYM] 150417 M6 [Barnacre]

  • TLC Travel SN15LRF 150320 M6 [Barnacre]

  • TLC Travel SN15LRE 150320 M6 [Barnacre]

  • National Express West Midlands 867 150313 M6 [Barnacre]

  • National Express West Midlands 871 150313 M6 [Barnacre]

  • Stagecoach Wales 22793 150227 M6 [Barnacre]

  • Tower Transit VH38102 150208 Heysham

  • Metroline VWH2044 141123 Heysham

  • Metroline VWH2046 141123 Heysham

  • First Eastern Counties 47504. 47505. 47509. 47507. 47503 141116 Heysham

  • Metroline VWH2043 141116 Heysham

  • Go-Ahead London LT310 141109 Heysham

  • Metroline VWH2034 141109 Heysham

  • Metroline VWH2033 141102 Heysham

  • Metroline VWH2031 141102 Heysham

  • First Essex 47524 141026 Heysham

  • Arriva London DW411 141026 Heysham

  • Lothian 141019 Heysham

  • Metroline VWH2024 141019 Heysham

  • First West Yorkshire 47493 141012 Heysham

  • National Express West Midlands 851 [SN64OEE] 140919 M6 [Barnacre]

  • First Potteries 63173 140914 Heysham

  • Translink Metro 1802 140910 Heysham

  • National Express West Midlands 0840 140905 M6 [Barnacre]

  • National Express West Midlands 834 140829 M6 [Barnacre]

  • National Express West Midlands 4991 140822 M6 [Barnacre]

  • Arriva North East 1570 140817 Heysham

  • Clydeside RM835 [preserved] 140715 M6 [Barnacre]

  • Stagecoach Merseyside & South Lancs 15473 140713 Blackburn

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